Felix200 American Powered Air Purifying Respirator Universal White 1EA

  • Improves protection over N95 Respirators by 250% 
  • Innovative (loose fitting) facepiece with low-profile design reduces ear coverage area, allowing for the use of a stethoscope with ample eye, mouth, and nose protection.
  • Designed to minimize environmental impact as compared to N95 respirators. The FELIX200 allows users to clean/disinfect all components and re-use, driving ROI while reducing waste.
  • The FELIX200 allows for optimal mobility in tight spaces and extended usage. Aluminum housing provides durability and ease of cleaning.
  • The FELIX200 comes ready to use and contains all components required for immediate use with minimal setup/assembly required.
  • Blower unit design and accompanying belt distributes weight evenly for user comfort.
  • Approved by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)


SKU: 24103993

Product Specifications

MSC # 24103993
NIOSH ApprovedYES - High Efficiency (HE) classification
NIOSH Approval NumberTC-21C-1184
HE FilterYES.(99.97%efficiencyfor0.3micronparticlesize)
Protection TypeParticulate
Battery Life (RunTime)10-12 Hours
Battery Charge Time3 Hours
Battery TypeHigh-Capacity LithiumIon-Rechargeable
Filter IncludedYes
Approximate Airflow (Loose fitting)184l pm (6.5cfm)
CleaningPreferredmethodsincludedilutedbleachsolutions,alcohol solution(70%alcohol),disinfects,wipesetc.(inaccordance withCDCGuidelines)
Blower ArmsYES Low battery (visual and auditory) System Error (visual and auditory)
Approximate FELIX200 PAPR Unit Weight (battery included)4.5 lbs.
Approximate Blower Dimensions175.0mm X 166.5mm X 96.0mm
Shelf LifeUp to 5 years
User Instructions & Warranty InfoUI Included with PAPR Unit. Customary warranty providing for replacement of damaged or defective goods.
Clean shave/fittest requirementsNO. Clean shave not required. Fittest NOT required for use.
Type of pressurePositive
Able to use with stethoscopeYes
Full face visible for user comfortYes
Splash resistance for eyesYes